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Happy Passover and Happy Easter - Here to Help With Wellness Resources, Too

April 09, 2020

April 9, 2020

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Happy Passover and Happy Easter - Here to Help With Wellness Resources, Too


Dear Great Lakes Wealth Clients, Friends & Family,

As the COVID-19 situation continues to develop, it’s difficult to even remember what day it is. One blends into the next. We do know that Passover has started, tomorrow is Good Friday, and Sunday is Easter. We hope you enjoy your long weekend. Celebrate, but stay safe! And, what does stay top of mind is the desire to stay connected, to let you know we are wishing you and your family well. And that includes your emotional and mental health. We will keep sharing tips that we come across and will continue to reach out with the latest information as we get it.

We know the news can be overwhelming so we’ll only send you a curated selection – just enough to lend perspective and keep you informed. We encourage you to visit our website,, as well as follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

We’d like to thank you for your continued trust, but perhaps more important, to send heartfelt gratitude to all those on the frontlines of essential services, those selfless individuals taking care of the sick, feeding us, stocking grocery shelves, and the countless volunteers who are working tirelessly on our behalf. Life is strange, but it’s inspiring to see our community continue to care for one another. Great Lakes Wealth is attempting to do our part. Our employees are banning together to raise money to purchase food for local hospital workers. The mission will continue.

As you know, we are doing our part to flatten the curve by having over 71% of employees working remote, although we certainly remain open for business. In the meantime, we’re also making a point to:

  1. Stay clean, close, calm, and in touch via email, phone, social media, and other electronic means. Google Duo, Marco Polo, and other video chat services should help.
  2. Set some boundaries. It’s all too easy to be online and accessible 24/7. We strive to be as responsive as possible for our valued clients, but would still encourage anyone working remotely to get enough rest and step away from the computer on occasion. Only you know what it sustainable for you and your family, and your health and well-being should be top priority.
  3. Do something for others. If you can, consider guying gift certificates to local retailers and restaurants in a show of solidarity. Buy tickets to future community events, including theater productions. Donate to artists, performers, and arts venues if you can. Purchase items off your favorite charity’s wish list.
  4. Connect to the broader community. Many colleges and places of worship, for example, are holding online gatherings.
  5. Get some exercise. A brisk walk can clear your head, but there are also a myriad of online and streaming classes offered these days, from yoga to dance to guided meditations and everything in between. There are even classes aimed specifically the young ones (e.g. GoNoodle).
  6. Rest and relax. In addition to usual streaming services, HBO Now and HBO Go are offering some programming for free, and many zoos and aquariums are sharing adorable videos of animal interactions for the whole family to enjoy. We’re particularly entertained by those from the Shedd and Florida aquariums. The National Parks are also offering virtual tours and live streams.
  7. Take care of the kids. In addition to all the teachers and administrators working tirelessly to educate our children, you can continue to feed their brains and spirits with free children’s books on Audible; a variety of podcasts; and Khan Academy classes.
  8. Learn something new. Coursera offers a lot of free educational content. Epicurious can help you feel more confident in the kitchen. Let us know what skills you sharpen!

Though these uncertain times will last longer than any of us want, they won’t last forever. We will get through this. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Again, wishing you and yours a Happy Passover and Happy Easter!


Very truly yours,

Dewey D. Steffen

CEO/Chief Investment Officer