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Enhanced Cash Management Program

Great Lakes Wealth is proud to provide access to multiple institutional money market funds to our high net worth and institutional clients. Typically, minimum investment amounts for institutional share classes range from one million to 500 million dollars. Using GLW’s Enhanced Cash Management Program, our clients can gain access to these highest yielding money markets - with a minimum initial deposit of typically only $50,000. Here is a sample of GLW’s Money Market Partnership Program:

  1. At Great Lakes Wealth, we are proud to offer the following Institutional Money Market Options:
    1. Natural Persons (Individuals, JTWROS, etc.)
      1. Fidelity (FNSXX)
      2. Vanguard Prime (VMRXX)
      3. JP Morgan MM (CJLXX)
      4. Many others to consider, too.
    2. Non-Natural Persons (LLP’s, LLC’s, Trusts, Corp’s, etc.)
      1. Vanguard (VMFXX)
      2. Goldman Sachs (FGTXX)
      3. JP Morgan U.S. Gov’t. (OGVXX)
      4. Many others to consider, too.
    3. Natural Persons (Individuals, JTWROS, etc.) - Tax-Free
      1. Federated Muni Obligations MM (MOFXX)
      2. Fidelity Tax-Exempt Port. (FTCXX)
      3. Wells Fargo National Tax-Free MM (WNTXX)
      4. Many others to consider, too.
    4. For current rates and minimums contact our office directly at 248.378.1200
    5. Great Lakes Wealth provides access to over 50+ of the Highest Yielding Money Markets across the country.
    6. Money Market rates, yields, minimums, and other specifics vary and can be changed or withdrawn at anytime.
    7. There is no fee to open a money market account at GLW. Minimum Deposit of $50,000 required. Availability of funds and terms can change at any time. Contact us for a complete list of the funds and prospectuses.
    8. Great Lakes Wealth will cover any transaction costs associated with purchasing and liquidating these funds.
  2. We have national access to Jumbo-Rate CDs, Commercial Paper, as well as other cash management instruments. Please ask about our proprietary Flexible Bond Portfolio and Tax-Free Portfolio as liquid options, too.
  3.  If this information and program is helpful, we are happy to discuss it further with you or anyone in your network. Please just reach out and let us know if you have any questions or how we can help. Please call us today at 248.378.1200 for additional information and to discuss your specific situation.

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