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NEW: What Dewey Do? Episode 39 - Intro to Real Estate

April 29, 2021

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What Dewey Do? Episode 39: An Introduction to Investing in Real Estate


Happy “What Dewey Do?” Wednesday! A new episode is now available anywhere you listen to podcasts. In episode 39, Dewey covers the basics of investing in Real Estate, including the notable benefits and downfalls. The guys discuss the potential opportunities available to those who want to get involved in real estate, and share some of the common mistakes people make. What should you keep in mind when investing in real estate? All of this and more in episode 39.

Episode 39 is available now on Apple, Spotify, PodBean, and anywhere podcasts are available. For a direct link to listen, click here.

You can access the What Dewey Do? podcast series on all streaming services. We encourage you to tune in every other week, as Dewey and Bogey cover both topics both timely and timeless in the financial world, and also introduce you to some of the today’s leaders in the community. Please download, like, subscribe, follow, and rate on Apple, Spotify, PodBean – wherever you listen to podcasts!

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We’re excited to share this experience with you, the listeners, and we’re just getting started!  We’d appreciate if you tune into this week’s episode of What Dewey Do? and we hope you enjoy!