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Tune In: What Dewey Do? Episode 27 - Estate Planning Basics

December 01, 2020

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What Dewey Do? Episode 27: Estate Planning Basics


The latest episode of the What Dewey Do? podcast series is now available on all streaming services! Here is a direct link to listen to the podcast from any device at any time! We encourage you to tune in weekly, as Dewey and Bogey cover both topics both timely and timeless in the financial world. Please download, like, subscribe, follow, and rate! We would love to hear what you think.

Episode 27 covers what nobody wants to talk about, let alone think about - Estate Planning! Over half of Americans die without a will, leaving their loved ones to deal with their estate and assets while grieving. That’s not okay! In this episode, Dewey discusses the basics and importance of estate planning, plus shares four myths and some fascinating statistics. It’s never too early to establish a plan. Learn more in episode 27! Click here to tune in.

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We’re excited to share this experience with you, the listeners, and we’re just getting started!  We’d appreciate if you tune into this week’s episode of What Dewey Do? and we hope you enjoy!