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WDD S2, E10 - 11 Ways to Improve Your Financial Wellness in 2022

January 25, 2022

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“What Dewey Do?” Season 2, Episode 10 (#52): 11 Ways to Improve Your Financial Wellness in 2022


Happy “What Dewey Do?” Wednesday! January is Financial Wellness Month, so the advisors at Great Lakes Wealth came together to share 11 ways to improve your financial wellness in 2022 and beyond. Dewey D. Steffen, CEO and Chief Investment Officer of Great Lakes Wealth, is joined by Senior Wealth Advisor, Bruce Palen; Wealth Advisor & Cash Management Specialist, Tom Griffore; and Certified Financial Planner & Riskalyze Specialist, Matthew Stojkov, for Season 2, Episode 10!


The GLW team shares their professional insight on planning for the short and long-term, setting SMART goals, dealing with debt, having financial check-ups, and more! Grab a notepad, get to know some of the GLW team, and learn multiple strategies to improve your overall financial health today. Tune in – Season 2, Episode 10 is available now!


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