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WDD Season 2, Episode 1 Kick Off With Kevin O'Leary

September 08, 2021

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Kicking Off Season 2 of “What Dewey Do?” with Kevin O’Leary


Happy “What Dewey Do?” Wednesday! We are thrilled to finally kick off Season 2 with special guest Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank! Mr. Wonderful shares how he received his name and other notable Shark Tank moments; shares advice for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and investors as they move forward in this post-pandemic world; plus, he provides his insight on investing in Cryptocurrencies, Cannabis, and Psychedelics. Our first episode is jam-packed with insightful and fascinating information from Mr. Wonderful himself. Don’t miss it – tune in today!


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We’re excited to share this Season 2 experience with you, the listeners, and…we’re just gettin’ started!  We’d appreciate if you tune into this week’s episode of “What Dewey Do?”